Board of Correction

The Governor appoints the three-member Board of Correction. The Idaho Senate confirms appointees. Members serve six years terms.


The board appoints a director to serve as the head of the agency. The director provides leadership, selects administrators and sets the strategic direction of the agency. A deputy director manages the operations and provides oversight for the chiefs of the divisions within the agency.


The Idaho Department of Correction is organized in five divisions.  

The Prisons Division manages eight prisons in Idaho.

The Probation and Parole Division manages supervised offenders in the community and interstate compact offenders.

Education, Treatment and Reentry Division manages education and treatment services, the medical contract, and substance use disorder services.

The Management Services Division manages business support and contract services.

Correctional Industries is a self-funding agency that provides vocational training for inmates.

The department uses consensus-style leadership to guide direction. Leadership teams are located at the central administration level, as well as at prison and district offices.


Interesting Fact

The department manages approximately 22,000 offenders in prisons and communities. While most people think of corrections as a prisons agency, the department actually manages most of offenders in communities statewide.

Organizational Chart

IDOC is committed to building partnerships between individuals and groups both inside and outside the organization. As a consequence, IDOC's leadership places great value on consensus and collaboration.

The management of the entire department is presented in the  IDOC Organizational Chart.

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