Director Brent Reinke


Brent Reinke became director of the Department of Correction January 1, 2007. Since his appointment as director, Reinke has helped drive no growth and controlled growth efforts that have reduced prison population growth.

Prior to his appointment, Director Reinke served as director of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. While director of that agency, Reinke created and implemented a Custody Review Board, created partnerships with counties, and implemented the Board of Juvenile Corrections.

Reinke chaired the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission from its inception in 2005 until May 2013. Prior to his ten years of service at Juvenile Corrections, Reinke was a Twin Falls County Commissioner and business owner.

Managing Corrections

The Department of Correction manages more than 24,000 felony offenders in the state of Idaho.

Idaho Criminal Justice Commission

IDOC Director Reinke is a member of the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission. He chaired the commission from 2005 until May 2013.

The ICJC is made up of 25 members from three branches of government and the community. Created by a Governor's Executive Order in 2005, the ICJC works to come to consensus on criminal justice issues in Idaho. Their mission is a simple five-word phrase, "Collaborating for a Safer Idaho."  The work of creating systems is much more complex.

Idaho's Premier Black Hat Agency

Director Reinke wears a black hat to represent the slogan the department adopted in 2007. The black hat is a symbol of an agency committed to leading the way in providing excellent, nationally-recognized criminal justice services. It is a symbol of excellence and commitment.

Traditional law enforcement are often seen as the white hat agencies. While corrections services are often seen a little differently than other law enforcement, they are just as critical to public safety.

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