Contract Facility Monitoring

We seek to maintain professional and productive relationships with IDOC Contract Facilities in order to ensure all contract rquirements are met. We meet our objectives through principles of solid partnerships, professional competence, clarity, and sound communication.


Operating like private sector corporate business representatives, we cover two states and manage offenders in the one private prison and 37 county jails in Idaho, and one private prison in Colorado.


Our staffs include a Deputy Warden and three Contract Monitors. The Contract monitors conduct regularly scheduled and unscheduled visits to all Contract Facilities that house Idaho offenders. The Deputy Warden also visits these sites and responds to any issues that may arrise.

Tim Higgins, Deputy Warden 208-658-2172

Contract Monitors

  • Chris Johnson 208-658-2169
  • Monte Hansen 208-658-2164
  • Matt Vallard 208-658-2170



Areas monitored and/or that are of general interest in facility operations include:

  • Contract compliance
  • Security issues (uses of force, escapes, contraband)
  • Life and safety issues (fire prevention/detection)
  • Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Facility staffing
  • Accounting (billings, offender accounts)
  • Reports (information reports, disciplinary records, grievances)
  • Records (central files)
  • Appropriate housing and placement
  • Daily activities (jobs, programs, recreation)
  • Facility cleanliness and orderliness
  • Food Service operations
  • Treatment, Education, Programs (case plan compliance)
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