Information Technology

John Rigby, Information Services Manager, Sr. - CIO

The Information Technology (IT) department provides technology-based tools, services, and support to the entire Department of Correction. IT ensures that the services provided meet the mission and vision of the agency by following priorities set by department leadership. The IT department is comprised of four functional units.

Application and Database

Michele Tomlinson, IT Manager

This unit manages design and development of new applications, and enhancement and support of existing applications to support organizational needs. This unit is also responsible for the design and maintenance of databases to support the applications.


Randy Turner, IT Manager

This unit installs, configures, and maintains technology infrastructure elements such as PCs, servers, networks, video-conference equipment, etc. Operations also provides administration and support for desktop PCs, laptops, web servers, applications servers, and database servers. Management of a help desk for user support also falls under this unit.

Quality Assurance (QA), Requirements and Training

Michele Tomlinson, IT Manager

This unit ensures that the systems developed by IT meet quality standards. QA tests new and enhanced system functionality to ensure that the business requirements are met. This unit also focuses on collecting requirements for new system functionality from subject matter experts and stakeholders. These requirements are used by IT developers and engineers to design, develop, and enhance our systems. This unit is also responsible for creating comprehensive documentation for system functionality and the training for end users who will use the systems.

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