Education Services

Education Integrated Pathway

The Division of Education, Treatment and Re-Entry is responsible for oversight and support of the Idaho Department of Correction’s educational services.  The Education Integrated Pathway curriculum provides academic and special education, vocational education, and general library services.  The Division also organizes training activities for the department’s correctional education staff.

The IDOC Education Integrated Pathway is delivered by the Robert Janss School, a state-accredited Special Purpose school.   The curriculum offers training for offenders as a stepping stone for successful transition to community postsecondary programs, job training programs or self sustaining jobs upon their release.  The emphasis is on helping offenders attain real and rewarding jobs, relevant credentials, and postsecondary education.  The curriculum is comprised of 4 sections, called Education/Career Bridges.  Education/Career Bridges One, Two and Three combine adult literacy, technology and workplace skills based on assessed offender needs.  The goal of Education/Career Bridge Four is to link offenders on probation and parole to community resources by providing transitional support with tutoring/career advisement and financial education. 

 FY13 Education Program Overview

Education Staff

  • Central Office – Total of 3 positions:
    •   1 Director
    •   1 Education Technology Coordinator
    •   1 Quality Assurance staff
  • Regions and Institutions – Total of 53 positions:
    •   5  Education Program Managers
    •  26 Academic Teachers
    •   4  Vocational Teachers
    •   1 Special Education Teachers
    • 14 Teacher Aides
    •   2 Librarian Specialists
    •   1 Education Counselor
  • 7 positions are part time
  • All education administrators and instructors have the appropriate SDE certifications.