Program Training

IDOC offers training to its employees at the pre-service level and during employment on the assessments, curricula and skills needed to provide programming for offenders.  There is regular training for the cognitive based programming such as MRT and CSC during a calendar year.  These trainings are often made available to providers outside of IDOC who are involved in program delivery to offenders.

Annually IDOC supports the Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency by participating in the planning for the conference and sending staff providing direct services to offenders to the conference. IDOC has also sponsored conferences on working with sex offenders, on case management and for education staff.  Every opportunity to partner with the community on programming education is taken and community partners are notified when IDOC has training available.

In addition to program staff training, we encourage correctional staff who work closely with offenders to gain the core curriculum training when available so that they can reinforce the concepts being taught to offenders in their classes.

With the addition of the E-Learning classes on the computers, there will be more opportunities to have staff train on special populations such as female offenders or mental health affected offenders.


To inquire about program training you may call Janet Guerin at 658-2049.


 For inquiries on upcoming training, please contact Janet Guerin at (208) 658-2049

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