Sexual Offender Management Board

The Sexual Offender Management Board was put into place in 2011 as a result of legislative changes to Idaho's Sexual Offender Registration Notification and Community Right-to-Know Act.

This board is a broad-scoped group, charged with the development, advancement and oversight of sexual offender management policies and practices statewide.  Some of the SOMB’s duties are to set standards for adult and juvenile psychosexual evaluations and treatment programs; certify professionals who conduct pre-sentence psychosexual evaluations, sex offender treatment, and post-conviction sex offender polygraphs; quality assurance of standards and qualifications; and establish and implement protocols for sex offender management, assessment and classification.

The SOMB’s composition includes 9 voting members who are appointed by the Governor to 3-year terms:

  • Michael Johnston, PhD - Clinical member with expertise in adult sex offender assessment and treatment
  • Jeffrey Betts - Clinical member with expertise in juvenile sex offender assessment and treatment
  • Paula Garay - Clinical member with expertise in cultural diversity and behavior of sexual offenders
  • Shane Evans - Idaho Department of Correction
  • Jon Burnham - Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
  • Jean Fisher - Attorney with experience in prosecution of sexual offenders
  • Kimberly Simmons - Attorney with experience in defense of sexual offenders
  • Sheriff Chad Huff - Idaho Sheriff’s Association
  • Dolly Bedal - Public representative
  • Scott Ronan is an ex-officio representative for the judiciary


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