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To send mail to an Idaho offender, be sure to read our Mail Guidelines.

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To send money to an Idaho offender, please refer to our Offender Accounts page.

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How to purchase prepaid collect service for offenders.

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Additional resources for family and friends.

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Commissary Packages

The Idaho Department of Correction understands the value of the support or family and friends as part of the rehabilitative process.  Writing and receiving mail is part of that support, but mail guidelines must be followed. 

While basic needs are provided for offenders, family and friends can provide additional services.  Following is a list of services family members and friends can provide:

  • Additional funds to an offender's account by sending money orders or cashier's checks (no cash or checks are accepted) made payble to the offender (must include the offender's IDOC number) and sent to the facility in which the offender is housed.  Please read the Offender Accounts FAQ for more information.
  • Prepaid collect accounts can be set up by family and friends directly through CenturyLink by calling the customer service number: 1-888-506-8407 available 24 hours a day, or by going on-line to See phone and kiosk services for more information.
  • Family and friends can provide addtional commissary items for offenders by purchasing commissary packages for offenders.

Please note: Procedures for out-of-state offenders differ from offenders housed in Idaho facilities; refer to the Kit Carson Correctional Center Page for more information.

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