Phone Services

CenturyLink Plan information and rates.


CenturyLink Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees

CenturyLink Brochure

CenturyLink Brochure

Inmate Phones Memo

Inmate Phones Memo
Four pay phones side by side with metal stools
Phones at ISCI's Reception and Diagnostic Unit


FOR REFUNDS FROM GTL, PLEASE CALL 1-877-650-4249. To request a refund from GTL for any prepaid accounts call the number provided above. You'll need to fill out a form to receive a refund and it can take up to 30 days for the refund to be processed. Debit funds from GTL were automatically transferred to CenturyLink. Any inmate-held debit phone time funds were automatically transferred to CenturyLink on October 1, 2014. 

Details about CenturyLink phone services can be found in the CenturyLink phone button.

New phone rates that took effect October 1, 2014 are listed in the rates and fees button. 

A printable brochure can be found in the CenturyLink brochure button.

The memo inmates received explaining the service changes can be found in the inmate phones memo button. 


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