Phone Services

Four pay phones side by side with metal stools
Phones at ISCI's Reception and Diagnostic Unit

The inmate phone service provider is Global Tel Link (GTL). If you have questions or experience issues, please contact GTL Customer Service at 1-877-650-4249, or call Contract Services Bureau at IDOC 658-2176.

The phone vendor offers three calling options.

  • Pin Debit Account - This is a debit phone time account that is prepaid, managed by the offender, and purchased via commissary. This is phone time, not a calling card. Friends and family may put money on this account (a new option as of April 2013) by going to and choosing the inmate debit phone option.
  • Prepaid Collect Accounts - This is a prepaid account set up by friends and family directly with GTL. Call Customer Service at 1-800-483-8314 or go to and choose the advance pay option.
  • Collect Call - This is a traditional collect call made to a land-line and paid via third party billing. GTL does have restrictions in place that limits the amount of collect call debt that must be collected or phone privileges will be suspended for this option until the amount due is paid.
  • Out of State Offenders - Procedures and rates for phone services differ for offenders who are out of state at KCCC. Refer to the Kit Carson Correctional Center Fact Sheet for details.
  • CWC - Community Work Centers have phone services available as well. For rate information, refer to Community Work Center rates.
  • County Jails - Please be aware that county jails in Idaho have their own phone service. Please contact the county jail directly for information and rates.
  • Attorney Calls - Attorney calls are subject to the same guidelines as other calls. All calls are monitored and recorded. If you are an attorney and wish to not have your calls monitored and recorded, please send IDOC a request on letterhead to Central Office, Attention Division of Prisons, 1299 N. Orchard, Suite 110, Boise, ID 83706.

The rates are as follows:


Local and Idaho calls - $3.15

Interstate calls (to other states) - $3.15/minute plus tax

Canada calls - $3.40

International calls - $5 setup and $1 per minute plus tax (debit only)


Local and Idaho calls - $3.60 plus tax

Interstate calls (to other states) - $.21/minute plus tax

Canada calls - $3.60 set up $.80 per minute plus tax


Local and Idaho calls - $3.80 plus tax

Interstate calls (to other states) - $.25/minute plus tax

Canada calls - $3.80 set up $.85 per minute plus tax

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