Volunteer Services

Frequently asked questions about volunteering with IDOC.

Volunteer FAQ

Requirements needed to become a volunteer with IDOC.


Volunteer Training schedules as well as other important dates.


Information on required Refresher Training volunteers must take annually.

Refresher Training

Volunteers are required to sign an agreement before serving at an IDOC facility.

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteers must fill out this application.

Volunteer Application

This handbook must be read by all volunteers.

Volunteer Handbook

Policy regarding volunteer service in IDOC facilities.

Volunteer Policy

List of current volunteer needs and donation needs.

Service Opportunities

List of Facility Volunteer Coordinators' contact information.

Facility Contacts
Volunteers delivering programming to offenders.
Volunteers delivering programming to offenders.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers provide valuable services to the Department that staff cannot. They conduct religious services and classes and provide assistance in education as tutors or teaching assistants. Additionally, when offenders are released from incarceration, volunteers can be very helpful making the tranisition back into the community a success. There are many opportunities for volunteer service in IDOC from donating needed items to teaching classes to helping with re-entry needs.

The Idaho Department of Correction encourages community involvement that will assist us in accomplishing our mission of protecting Idaho by providing offenders with an opportunity to change. The volunteer program includes both secular and religious aspects in prison facilities and community corrections. 

If you believe that people can change, and you're up to the challenge, you have come to the right place. For more information regarding volunteering in specific facilities, contact the respective facility volunteer coordinator. Their contact information can be found under the phone button.

Please send any comments, suggestions and feedback regarding volunteer services in IDOC to the Department Volunteer Coordinator Jeff Kirkman at volunteerservices@idoc.idaho.gov.


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