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Cash Crop At ICIO

Hard work in the garden is starting to pay off in ICIO's kitchen.
Hard work in the garden is starting to pay off in ICIO's kitchen.
By Lieutenant Greg Heun, ICIO

The ICIO main side garden and brand new Givens Hall garden are already on track to beat the 2019 harvest season's total plate cost savings of $13,229.22!

Food Service Officer Melinda "Mindi" Johnson reported that "We will be getting hit with the bulk of the crop (mostly containing tomatoes and various squash) within the next 30 days or so," but as of July 31, the fresh produce grown on site and served in the kitchens has already saved $2,184.14.

Story published: 08/26/2020

IDOC Shout Out: Jed Dayley

IDOC Shout Out to Jed Dayley, PPO
IDOC Shout Out to Jed Dayley, PPO
By Jimmie Gentry, District Manager, D6 Probation & Parole

Probation and Parole Officer Jed Dayley supervises a special “Life and Recovery” caseload in District 6.

Jed’s efforts to support his caseload were on full display recently, when a client became infirm and was placed on hospice care.

The client had no close family or community connections, so Jed visited the hospital and helped the client communicate their last wishes with hospital staff.

Jed then reached out to estranged family and was able to facilitate a visit before the client’s passing. 

Story published: 08/20/2020

Community Resource For Covid-19 Testing


While the IDOC provides on-site Covid-19 testing to employees and all residents of our facilities free of charge, not all members of IDOC families have access to testing services.

We would like to make you aware of one excellent resource available in our community, Primary Health is now offering same day appointments for curbside Covid-19 testing to patients with or without symptoms. 

Story published: 08/20/2020

IDOC Shout Out: Ryan Hertling

IDOC Shout Out Ryan Hertling
IDOC Shout Out to Ryan Hertling, Reentry Specialist.
By Karen Clifford, Deputy District Manager, District 4 Probation & Parole Office

Reentry Specialist Ryan Hertling has been instrumental in helping set newly-released individuals on the path to success by helping those in need apply for food stamps and Medicaid and assisting with District 4’s clothing closet while thrift stores were closed due to public health concerns. 

Ryan even prepared food and hygiene boxes, then delivered them to people in quarantine and isolation!

District 4 and IDOC are proud to call team player Ryan Hertling one of our own!

Story published: 08/19/2020

Ada County Virtual Education Hubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County resources that may help IDOC families.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County offer resources that may help IDOC families face the challenges of this school year.

Back to school looks a little different this year, and may be especially challenging for working parents or families without access to the internet at home, but the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County are offering assistance in the form of their innovative Virtual Education Hubs, featured in this Idaho News 6 article.

Story published: 08/18/2020

Welcome members of MTC Challenge Academy 4.20

eight students

 Twenty-five new correctional officers took the Oath of Honor Thursday at the Peace Officers Standards Training Academy in Meridian.

 “This academy was our first academy in a long time that had a staff member from all nine prisons as well as our MTC CAPP facility folks, so it was a good experience for all in the academy as they all had different experience to bring to the class,” says IDOC training coordinator Graye Wolfe.

Story published: 08/15/2020

Shout out to April Barroso, Case Manager, ISCI

Shout out with quotea and photo of april

See it here.

Story published: 08/12/2020

EBCRC walkaways back in custody

graphic: mugshots with words "walkaways back in custody"

The two women who walked away from the East Boise Community Reentry Center last night are back in custody. 

Amaya was taken into custody overnight and is now in custody at the Canyon County jail. 

Winslow returned to the reentry center this morning.

Here is the original news release issued at 9:40 p.m.,Tuesday:

IDOC seeks walkaways from East Boise Community Reentry Center

Story published: 08/12/2020

IDOC seeks walkaways from East Boise Community Reentry Center

mugshots of walkaways

BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 11, 2020 –

Story published: 08/11/2020

Probation & Parole District 5 welcomes new officers

graphic_ d5 welcomes new officers
By Marie Hoffmier, Administrative Assistant 2, IDOC Probation & Parole District 5

Please join us in congratulating our newest Sr. Probation & Parole officers to District 5. 

They recently received their POST academy certificates, which were presented by District Manager Collin Widmier and Section Supervisor Jim Zelenka.

Pictured from left: Allan Raffs, Amer Smajovic, Sherray Callistini and Ynez Shetler. 

Not pictured: Michael Ramirez-Gil. 


Story published: 08/11/2020
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