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IDOC investigates prisoner’s apparent suicide

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BOISE, Idaho, June 27, 2020 — The Idaho Department of Correction is investigating the apparent suicide of man who was incarcerated at Idaho State Correctional Institution. 

A correctional officer found Makiland Grae Harris, 23, hanging in his cell at 5:33 p.m., Thursday.

Harris was removed from life support today at a Boise hospital.

ISCI is a 1,429-bed men’s correctional facility south of Boise.

Story published: 06/27/2020

This year’s ISCI garden includes a pumpkin patch

six photos of garden
Photos compiled by Corina Cruz, ISCI
By Ofc. John Giordano, Idaho State Correctional Institution

Idaho State Correctional Institution’s vegetable garden is starting to really grow as the plants have been drinking well and as the weather is now warming back up.  The garden started back in early March with the workers preparing the dirt and building raised planter boxes for this years’ crops.

Story published: 06/21/2020

IDOC mask makers equip Hailey school’s faculty

eight people wearing masks with words "thanks to mask makers"
By Warden Jay Christensen, Idaho State Correctional Center

The Idaho Department of Correction donated 80 masks to the faculty at Hailey Elementary.

This school was amongst the first and perhaps one of the hardest hit schools affected by Covid-19 back in March this year.  

They were all delighted to see that we were able to make masks in their school colors. 

Each faculty member received two masks. 

Story published: 06/19/2020

Johnson retires as IDOC’s director of Education Services

juile holds plaque with ross
Julie with Ross

After 26 years with the Idaho Department of Correction, Julie Oye-Johnson has retired as the department’s director of Education Services.

Johnson started as a teacher at North Idaho Correctional Institution. She went on to start a special education program for the department and later served as the education program manager at Idaho State Correctional Institution.  She has served as director of Education Services for the past nine years.

Story published: 06/17/2020

ICIO garden update

ICIO garden montage
Photos by Lt. Greg Heun
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Last month we told you about how ICIO is expanding its gardens. The ground was being tilled as the deer fence went up. One month later the results are amazing. Hundreds of plants are thriving in the spring rains and hopefully soon their fruits will be processed through food service and to the chow hall tables. 

Story published: 06/11/2020

IDOC reaches mask-making milestone

thank you mask makers, 50k masks over pic of man making mask

Our volunteers have already made masks for everyone who lives and works in Idaho Department of Correction facilities, and the men who are incarcerated at CAPP and the Eagle Pass Correctional Facility in Texas.

Now our crews are making masks for community groups and county jails, and stepping up production of gowns.

So far, IDOC gown-makers have made 125 gowns, which will be available for use by people working with COVID-19 patients. 

Story published: 06/10/2020

ISCI’s American Legion post produces a video

screenshot from video_dozen post members stand for photoAmerican Legion Post #20

American Legion Post #202 at Idaho State Correctional Institution has produced a recruitment video. 

It shows how the post’s members have been working to protect the health of people who live and work at the facility by cleaning common surfaces.

Story published: 06/04/2020

IDOC mask-makers closing 50k masks

words "mask production update" with iscc mask makers

The mask-making team at Idaho State Correctional Center is on a roll.

They’re on their way to making 11,000 masks.Overall, volunteer mask-makers in all Idaho Department of Correctional facilities have made more than 48,000 masks.

That’s enough to equip every person who lives and works in an IDOC facility, as well as Idaho men incarcerated in Texas, with three masks.

The volunteer mask makers are now making masks for county jails and community groups.

The recipients include:

• Community Council of Idaho

Story published: 06/02/2020

North Idaho Correctional Institution now making gowns

four men wearing gowns and masks stand around man at sewing machine.
By Lt. Jarod Cash, North Idaho Correctional Institution

North Idaho Correctional Institution inmates have transitioned from making masks to making gowns for health care providers and other people who might be called on to assist COVID-19 patients.

After making over 2,000 masks, NICI got the call to begin gown production.

Sue Stamper from our education team has been patiently teaching the guys the fine art of sewing – from anchor stitching to bumble bunching, the class is becoming well versed in all things sewing.

Story published: 06/02/2020

D3 clinician offers grounding exercise

"slowing down and getting grounded" Michelle photo

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we are here for you…  

“To let you know that we understand that this is unprecedented times, and we’re kind of uncertain about what’s happening…” 

See Michelle's video.



Story published: 06/01/2020
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