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Staff spotlight: Stieneke and Randolph, IMSI

spics of Stieneke and Randolph, with words, "staff spotlight"
By Lt. Julie Tamez, IMSI

Tom Stieneke is Idaho Maximum Security Institution’s Inmate Labor Detail officer.

Dave Randolph is IMSI‘s maintenance staff member.

This dynamic duo works great together in completing all of IMSI’s maintenance needs.

There are times when they are pulled in different directions with priorities changing every day, and they still manage to complete their duties.

Both Tom and Dave help out when and where needed and are true team players.

We are all so grateful they belong to the IMSI family.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Lt. Vernon Greenland, ISCC

photo of vern with words "staff spotlight"
By Cpt. Dagoberto Martinez, ISCC

I would like to spotlight Lieutenant Vern Greenland

Greenland is currently our Housing Lieutenant and the Morale Task Force President.

Vern has really owned the vision that ISCC has for its staff.

From Corrections Professionals Week and every major holiday, Vern has taken a personal ownership in being part of or putting something together for staff.

He is truly part of what makes ISCC so great.




Story published: 05/10/2020

Thank you, teachers!

teacher at whiteboard, "Our teachers make Idaho safer"

During this National Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, we salute the dedicated teachers who work in Idaho’s correctional facilities.

About half the people entering IDOC’s correctional system do not have high school degrees.

But A 2013 Rand research report found people who participated in correctional education programs recidivated 43 percent less and were 13 percent more likely to find jobs post-release,

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Sgt. Dixie Michael Hoyt, IMSI

three photos, dixie together, inbox, and dixie alone
By Lt. Wayne Wilson, IMSI

Sgt. Dixie Michael Hoyt is the training sergeant at IMSI.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Ofc. Josue Palacios, ISCC

Palacio standing by ISCC fence, words "staff spotlight"
By Sgt. Jason Mileski, Idaho State Correctional Center

Officer Palacios began the year basically having to start creating procedures for a new post.

Since his placement in Intake, we have had a very fluid transition and Inmates are constantly moving.

Whether going out or coming in from transport, Officer Palacios ensures they are moved timely, efficiently and safely.

His attention to detail is above expectation and Palacios has found time to process Inmate JPay messages and collect additional photos from our inmate population for uploading into CIS.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Patricia Greene, Instructor, North Idaho Correctional Institution

exterior of janss school building at nici with "staff spotlight"
By Randy Brown, NICI’s Education Program Manager

Patricia Greene manifests all of the values and spirit of Robert Janss School at NICI.

Her professionalism and commitment to student needs has been her trademark for over 30 years of service at NICI.

Patti’s enthusiasm for student success is evident through her high student achievement, positive learning environment and her commitment to professional development.

Her cheerful attitude towards her staff and students is a true reflection of the wonderful person that she is.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Ofc. Arturo Tello, Idaho State Correctional Center

tello with his wife-words "staff spotlight"
By Sgt. Joshua Rankin, ISCC

Officer Arturo Tello arrives to work every day with a great attitude and is driven to accomplish a variety of work goals in the often-challenging environment of G-Block.

He regularly engages in challenges with other staff in his work area to accomplish tasks, such as cell searches, pat searches, etc.

Tello engages his team with an infectious positive attitude, provides decisive direction and action during busy times and positively engages the Close Custody population, encouraging positive change.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Kellie Bledsoe, NICI

Kellie at computer with words "staff spotlight"
By Jason Rambo, NICI Treatment Program Manager

Challenging circumstances expose leaders. This has been proven true throughout history. In the face of adversity some complain, argue, hide and falter while others seem to become focused, energized, helpful and steadfast.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Lt. Steve Stelzer, ISCI

stelzer at desk with words "correctrions professioanls week 2020"
By Warden Al Ramirez, Idaho State Correctional Institution

Since the COVID 19 crisis began Steve has been instrumental in developing contingency plans for staffing, movements, quarantine and all things operational at ISCI. 

He serves as the facility emergency coordinator and he also organized and developed the schedule for our American Legion Post facility sanitation process. 

He has worked with many key staff at the facility and headquarters level to ensure our preparedness is on point!




Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Sgt. Quinn Matheson, Idaho Falls Community Reentry Center

Quinn stands with about a dozen people
By John Carroll, Manager, IFCRC

On top of all the duties Sgt. Quinn Matheson is responsible for each day to keep us safe and proficient at IFCRC, he has been a member of the East Region CISM team since 2005. He’s been the team leader since 2009.In this role, he facilitates fundamental and advanced training for dozens of CISM team members in his quest to assist IDOC staff and partner agencies process traumatic events they often encounter.Sarge is very adept at coordinating local partners help spread the word about this under-utilized resource in the aftermath of critical incidents.

Story published: 05/10/2020
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