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NICI’s Core honored with Silver Cross

chad holding certificate with Lt. Cash

CO Chad Core was working a housing unit when an offender began having a seizure that is often categorized as a Grand Mal.

The inmate was choking and having a hard time breathing due to the aggressive seizure. Chad quickly called a medical emergency and began performing life saving techniques on the inmate.

Chad, with the assistance of two other inmates, placed the offender in a recovery position and cleared his airway.

The offender was choking on his tongue and was to the point that his lips were turning purple due to loss of oxygen.

Story published: 05/10/2020

Thank you, nurses!

nurse takes blood pressure, "Happy National Nurses Day."

On this National Nurses’ Day 2020, we salute all the nurses who provide care in Idaho Department of Correction facilities.

Pictured is Dani Dunning, an RN who has worked at North Idaho Correctional Institution for four years.

“Here at NICI we are blessed to have an amazing medical staff. One of those staff members is [Dani],” writes NICI’s RN supervisor, Tiffany Thompson. “She is an amazing nurse, outgoing, fun, smart and has a great personality.:

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Ofc. Maribel Barajas, ISCC

barajas photo
By Sgt. Joshua Rankin, Idaho State Correctional Center

Officer Maribel Barajas is an asset in G-Block. 

She is an effective operator of G-Block’s complex door control system and multitasks well, ensuring accountability of her staff as they conduct daily duties throughout the unit. 

She takes on extra duties and sets the bar high for herself and others in the often-challenging environment of the unit. 

Barajas looks out for her team and brings a positive attitude every day, communicating effectively with staff of all functions (security, case management, medical, etc.). 

Story published: 05/10/2020

Staff spotlight: Cpl. Elizabeth Chappell, ISCC

chappell photo with words "staff spotlight - corr prof week"
By Sgt. Travis Taylor, Idaho State Correctional Center

 Corporal Chappell is the 2nd shift D-Block Corporal this year and has done a remarkable job assisting me with managing this challenging unit.

D-Block implemented some drastic changes in January and Chappell was instrumental in the overall success of those changes.

Chappell ensures that her staff on her shift are well taken care of and isn’t afraid to jump in with her staff to help them when the need arises. Keep up the good work!



Story published: 05/10/2020

Idaho masks arrive in Texas

staff member hands mask to inmate

Two-thousand cloth masks arrived at Eagle Pass Correctional Facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, last week.

The masks were made by men and women incarcerated in correctional facilities in Idaho.

Due to a shortage of beds in Idaho, 610 Idaho men are incarcerated in Eagle Pass.  

Story published: 05/04/2020

ISCC’s E-block dominates facility chess tournament

two men sit at board playing chess
By David Mehlhaff, Education Program Manager, Idaho State Correctional Center

The ISCC Education Chess Tournament continues to be a great success. 

The event has grown over a short amount of time with over 95 inmates participating site wide not concluding the eight returning players from the previous two tournaments. 

The Championship was held on April 16th in education room #3 and “E-Block” continues its dominance sweeping the awards.

Story published: 05/01/2020

SAWC celebrates 30 years in operation

aerial shot of SAWC

The St. Anthony Work Camp opened on April 30, 1990.

Over the years it’s helped countless people turn around their lives while helping keep Idaho safe.

SAWC’s administrative assistant Barbara Hall was a member of the team that opened the facility. 

“I am the only one here that started on April 30, 1990,” Barbara writes. “Having a little abandonment issues right now. Just kidding.”\

Story published: 04/30/2020

Students honored at SICI winter 2020 graduation

Six women in caps and gowns stand for photo while holding diplomas
By Mary Ellen Nourse, SICI Education

Six students were honored with GED certificates during the Winter 2020 Graduation Ceremony at the South Idaho Correctional Institution.  The evening event took place on Wednesday, February 12, in Visiting, for female offenders who’d earned their GED and/or completed Education programs.

Story published: 04/29/2020

American Legion post fights COVID-19 at ISCI

men walk down hallway with clenaing gear
By Lt. Steve Stelzer, Idaho State Correctional Institution

In March of 1919 a group of one thousand members of the armed service convened to establish what would become the world’s largest wartime service organization. Over a century later, this group of steadfast soldiers would represent the ideals of nearly two million veterans worldwide. 

Story published: 04/28/2020

Just 10k more to reach our goal

man at sewing machine with words "20,000 masks!"

We only need to make 10,000 more masks to reach our goal. Then, we will start producing masks for the community.

“We could not have done this without the public support, and I want to send a huge thank you out to the community and those who have donated fabric, equipment and even donated masks,” says Ross Castleton, deputy chief of IDOC’s Division of Prisons.

On our final push, we still need more material to make masks.

Story published: 04/28/2020
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