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How D7 is helping with reentry during the time of coronavirus

box, orange bag and purple bag on doorstep
By Stephanie Taylor-Silva, Re-entry Specialist District 7 Probation and Parole

COVID-19 has not disrupted our mission to serve and protect here in District 7.

We are still meeting with our caseloads by phone, email and other electronic methods. 

Each week, we have people reentering back into the community that need our help and support.

We are still providing food, clothing and full-size hygiene kits if needed. Our reentry efforts are still just as strong! 

Story published: 04/27/2020

IDOC works with CenturyLink and JPay to lower prices, increase content

IDOC logo

We know it’s more important than ever for people in the care and custody of the Idaho Department of Correction to communicate with their loved ones. That’s why IDOC has agreed to temporarily fund a portion of the cost of CenturyLink phone calls and JPay stamps.  

CenturyLink and their subcontractor JPay are also offering the men and women who are incarcerated in IDOC facilities more entertainment and educational content. 

Here’s a look at the new prices and a summary of bonus offers already being offered by our partners:

Story published: 04/20/2020

How ICIO blazed the trail for mask production by helping State Hospital North

four inmates make masks at table
By JoAnne McPheeters, Correctional Case Manager, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

We’re catching up on posting staff submissions that were put on hold when breaking news about the coronavirus hit last month. On March 30, Joanne McPheeters, a correctional case manager at Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino, sent us this article about the men at ICIO making masks for patients at State Hospital North. 

This incentive program was started due to a request from our local craft shop. She emailed me asking if I could help her sew masks for local nursing homes. 

Story published: 04/17/2020

NICI reaches mask-making milestone

two photos: 1000th mask on paper and shot of mask makers
By Lt. Jarod Cash, North Idaho Correctional Institution

North Idaho Correctional Institution has been working hard to combat the spread of viruses by manufacturing cloth masks for the entire NICI population.  

Susan Stamper, from our education team, has been guiding this group of offenders on the production efforts of over 1000 masks. 

This has turned into a great teaching moment by showing these men how to sew as well as the reward of being instrumental in our departments efforts to combat covid-19. 

Story published: 04/17/2020

Here's where to donate material to make masks and gowns

photo of pwcc donation box with words "drop off locations"

We're making masks for community groups, and gowns for health care providers and others who might be called on to assit COVID-19 patients.

Below you'll see a list of the materrial we need to make masks.

For the gowns, we need bolts of cloth.  

Here’s where you can drop off your donation:

Story published: 04/16/2020

Our case managers are heroes; here’s a shout out to one of them

lopez at iscc
Alexandra Lopez

IDOC’s correctional case managers are the among the many heroes who have emerged during the coronavirus crisis.

In recent weeks they have been forced to scramble and adapt in many ways – including facilitating court hearings via phone and video link for men and women in IDOC custody.

ISCI program manager Luke Kormylo wrote this shout-out to ISCC case manager Alexandra Lopez who cheerfully stepped up and helped in a pinch.


Story published: 04/15/2020

A salute to IDOC staff

you're our heroes sign outside iscc

Idaho State Correctional Center Lt. Vern Greenland, who leads ISCC’s morale task force, jumped on an idea proposed by Cpt. Dagoberto Martinez and put up this sign at the facility’s entrance as a way of paying tribute to IDOC’s correctional professionals.

Lt. Greenland writes: 

Story published: 04/14/2020

ICIO’s part in COVID-19 sanitation

photos of cleaning supplies
By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino

Recently ICIO completed a total sanitation deep cleaning of their staff wellness room. 

A team of inmates wiped down all equipment, weights, door handles, faucet handles, counters, & etc. as staff set up two cleaning stations holding clean hand towels, bottles of disinfectant cleaner, and hampers for used towels. 

At this point staff will be wiping the equipment down before and after use and an inmate team will be cleaning the rest daily, throughout each week. 

Photos by Lt. Greg Heun 

Story published: 04/13/2020

Thank you, donors!

We are so grateful to all the people around Idaho -- and even from across the country -- who are donating cloth masks and mask-making material.

On Monday, we were thrilled to see the donation box at the Idaho Department of Correction’s Central Office in Boise packed with donations dropped off by people over the weekend. IDOC’s emergency preparedness coordinator Bret Kimmel snapped this photo.

Story published: 04/13/2020

District 5 helps ease hunger during the coronavirus crisis

By Collin Widmier, Manager, Probation & Parole District 5

Westerra Real Estate asked us if we could deliver 30 boxes of food to people in need and PPO Guy Hibbs and Allan Raffs pulled it off.  

They saw the need to help those on their caseload and others in the community.  They dropped some off to the Burley office, and they went out and delivered to some of their folks.   

“Hey, public help is what we do,” said PPO Guy.  “Everyone was grateful.”

A big thanks to Westerra Real Estate for making this possible.


Story published: 04/10/2020
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