Agency Overview

The Idaho Department of Correction is responsible for managing felony offenders housed in prisons and supervised on probation and parole. IDOC houses inmates in ten prisons, four community reentry centers. The state also uses county jail beds and an out of state facility to house inmates. Probationers and parolees are supervised by probation and parole officers in District Offices throughout the state.

IDOC's divisions include Prisons, Probation and Parole, and Management Services.

The agency employs 1,960 staff. Most of them are correctional officers and probation and parole officers. IDOC also employs a variety of non-uniform staff. They include teachers, mental health clinicians and drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialists.


 Additional Information

Strategic Plan [PDF]

A living document which guides department behavior and decisions. The strategic plan includes current agency goals.

Organizational Chart [PDF]

The chart illustrates administrative structure and divisional responsibilities.

Our Mission

Protect the public, our staff, and those within our custody and supervision through safety, accountability, partnerships and providing opportunities for offender change.

Our Vision is focused on:

Care and professional development of staff, sound security practices, and a reentry system that enhances public safety.

Our Values

Integrity * Positive Attitude * Respect

We have 3 Goals for IDOC

1)   Protect the public, staff, and offenders

2)   Enhance staff success and wellness

3)   Modernize technology

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