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Photo courtesy Sgt. Bryan Hines, IDOC

The Idaho Department of Correction incarcerates and supervises more than 22,000 felony offenders.

IDOC employs about 2,000 staff members. They include correctional officers, probation and parole officers, rehabilitation specialists, teachers and support staff.  

Our Mission, Vision and Values guide what we do. 

Public safety is our focus.

We help keep the people of Idaho safe by operating secure correctional facilities, supervising probationers and parolees, and providing offenders with opportunities to become productive, law-abiding citizens. 

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The Idaho Department of Correction offers a competitive benefits package. For a complete list of all benefits please visit the Division of Human Resources! If you have additional questions, contact our benefits coordinator at 208-658-2029 or

State of Idaho employees receive their retirement benefits through the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho - also known as PERSI. Both the PERSI 401K and the PERSI 457 plans are voluntary. The PERSI base plan is required of all eligible state employees. You can find a full explanation of all retirement plans at the PERSI website.

Click here for an indepth look at the steps to becoming a correctional officer. Please watch our current openings for a Correctional Officer announcement in a location where you would like to work.


Step 1: Apply Online. Complete and pass two written exams.


Step 2: Background Investigation Questionnaire. At this point, if you are not selected as a candidate to move forward, you will receive an email or letter stating you are no longer being considered for the position.


Step 3: Select candidates will be contacted for an interview. If you are not selected in this final stage, you will be contacted.


Step 4. Top candidates will be extended a conditional offer for employment. The conditions include passing additional background investigation including fingerprinting and other additional testing including medical, hearing and physical agility.


The minimum qualifications to be eligible for a Correctional Officer include:


  • A willingness to work unarmed among unrestricted offenders in a high-stress, hostile environment. Withstand offender harassment, threats, and verbal abuse. Correctional Officers deal with violence and break up fights, conduct body searches of offenders and visitors for contraband and weapons; work in confined spaces such as guard towers for entire shift. May fire a weapon at an individual if necessary;physically restrain offenders. Prisons are a disciplined, law enforcement environment. Officers carry out orders; work shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime. 
  • Experience using a personal computer to enter, retrieve and edit information is required for this position.
  • Applicants must meet entrance requirements established by the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Academy for Correctional Officers including vision, hearing, medical and physical agility standards.
  • Must be released from any kind of criminal (supervised or unsupervised) probation for at least the last 12 months and free from habitual or regular use of illegal controlled substances in the last 12 months.
  • Must be free from conviction of certain misdemeanors that would be classified as a crime of deceit, illegal drug crime or sex crime in the last 5 years.
  • Must be eligible to own, possess or receive a firearm under the provisions of state or federal law, free from adult felony convictions and be free from any adult felony convictions. Applicants with US Military experience must provide a DD-214 showing Honorable, General Under Honorable or Uncharacterized discharge from the US Military.
  • IDOC management makes all hiring decisions and additional standards may be applied to determine suitability of applicants. If you have questions about your eligibility for correctional officer or about the status of your application, email

Go to the Division of Human Resources website, choose the positions you are interested in and sign up to receive job alerts to be sent to your personal e-mail!

It is a disqualification for security positions if you have been convicted of any felony charge. To be hired for any non-security position if you have a felony conviction, the Director's approval is required. For questions regarding hiring and criminal convictions please contact Background Investigators at 208-658-2023 or

The state verifies payroll every two weeks. State employees receive their paychecks every other Friday. When you receive your first or last paycheck depends on where the pay period falls after the verification process is completed.

Idaho Department of Correction employees are provided with the tools needed to succeed as Correctional Officers. We Offer 11 weeks of paid training including New Employee Orientation, Job Shadowing, POST Academy and Field Training. Click here for details about the training provided for Correctional Officers at IDOC.

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