Maintenance Career Opportunities

Maintenance, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Career Opportunities

IDOC is a robust agency with career options in a variety of fields including: Maintenance, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.  These positions are vital in ensuring our facilities, equipment and systems are running properly and efficiently.

You can put your trade skills to use in an environment where it can make a difference! These positions play an important role in incarcerated resident rehabilitation. By guiding, training and mentoring residents in trade work, you can make a real difference in their lives.

IDOC employees enjoy an incredible benefits package. On average, the State contributes more than 40% of an employee’s annual salary toward benefit plans! Some of the benefits include:

  • Excellent low-cost Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • PERSI Retirement 
  • Generous vacation and sick leave accrual beginning as soon as you start
  • Ten paid holidays a year
  • Multiple savings plans, including an optional 401k & Deferred Compensation plans
  • Group Life Insurance/Disability Insurance/Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Wellness programs
  • Employee Assistance Program

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For information on the job duties and minimum qualifications of our maintenance positions with the Idaho Department of Correction, click the drop downs below:

Electrical Foreman

SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97 Hourly


Example of Duties:

  • Plans, supervises, and performs cost estimates, all the steps required for installation, and inspection of electrical systems and service work in new and remodeled facilities
  • Provides input for budgets, cost projections, and program objectives
  • Writes electrical and contract specifications
  • Issues and evaluates bids from private contractors
  • Recommends and coordinates bid selections and writes purchase requests
  • Interprets and draws blueprints
  • Supports work inmate workers and apprentices and evaluates their performance
  • Provides vocational training to offenders
  • Installs, maintains and repairs wiring, motors, and controls on single and three phase circuits
  • Maintains and repairs high voltage generators and switching gear for back-up power systems.
  • Installs, maintains, and repairs solid state, programmable controls.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Licensed as a journeyman electrician in accordance with Title 54, Chapter 10, Idaho Code
  • Good knowledge of electrical safety practices
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices
  • Experience planning, installing, and maintaining commercial electrical work relating to building construction and equipment repair; operating, maintaining, and repairing electrical motors up to 500 horsepower; interpreting commercial electrical construction blueprints; using electrical metering and motor testing equipment; installing and maintaining commercial electrical control panels and relays with integrated circuitry, and alarm and detection devices for high and low voltage equipment; developing material and equipment cost estimates for electrical projects; evaluating electrical specifications and performance criteria
  • Willing to work non-traditional hours at a correctional facility while maintaining custody of assigned inmate workers


HVAC Systems Foreman


SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97 Hourly


Example of Duties:
  • Oversee and direct staff and related daily operational activities in this occupational area
  • Schedule work to be accomplished; establish and adjust work schedules to ensure adequate shift coverage
  • Evaluate inmate worker performance; complete time sheets, accident reports, and work orders
  • Coordinate work with contractors to insure it is completed according to agreements
  • Train offenders or laborers in HVAC and mechanical systems operations and maintenance
  • Maintain all cooling systems (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.) and includes charging, evacuating and capturing of any Freon
  • Maintain operational records and logs
  • Monitor inventories and request supplies and equipment
  • Perform all aspects of HVAC and mechanical systems operations including inspecting heating and cooling equipment for proper operation; developing, directing, and performing preventive maintenance of heat plant systems to include steam and hot water boilers; taking flow readings of water loops and air velocities in ducts to balance HVAC systems


Minimum Qualifications 
  • Good knowledge of commercial HVAC operations (troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining boilers, chillers, air conditioners and related systems, including pneumatic and DDC controls)
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices


  • Must have a current HVAC Journeyman License
  • Willing to work in a correctional facility




Electronics Foreman
SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97 Hourly
Example of Duties
  • Repair and maintain PC based controls for locking and surveillance systems
  • Install and maintain fire detection systems
  • Inspect, repair, install, and operate solid state and digital logic electronic systems and equipment including metal detection, perimeter surveillance, fence guard, intercom, and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems and devices and PABX Systems
  • Interface circuitry between old and new electronic systems
  • Hire, provide on-the-job training, and assign work to offenders and evaluate performance
  • Assist in budget preparation for the electronics and tool room units
  • Maintain custody of offenders, conduct searches for weapons, tools, and contraband
  • Insure all hand and power tools are serviceable, properly checked-out, maintained, and returned by offenders and staff
  • Control of tools and keys
Minimum Qualifications
  • Licensed as a journeyman electrician in accordance with Title 54, Chapter 10, Idaho Code; OR possession of a Limited Energy Electrical License in accordance with IDAPA Rule 07.01.04; AND
  • Good knowledge of PC and digital electronic logic systems used in security systems
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices
  • Some knowledge of computer hardware and service-line installation and maintenance
  • Experience: installing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and performing solid-state and digital electronic maintenance and repair; designing and interfacing electronics circuitry
Maintenance Foreman

SALARY - $17.06 - $19.77 Hourly

Example of Duties:
  • Replace switches, lamp receptacles, Fixtures, ballast's, motors, fans and filters
  • Maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, lavatories, faucets, sinks, tubs, water heaters and drain lines
  • Patch holes in walls using sheetrock, plywood, tile and plaster
  • Maintain and repairs heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment such as air compressors, dryers, strainers
  • Conduct preventative maintenance on mechanical and kitchen equipment
  • Recommend repair or purchase of equipment; maintain records and date of maintenance work performed
  • Supervise and direct inmate workers
  • Maintain control of inmates while performing repair work; conduct search for weapons, tools, and contraband


Minimum Qualifications:
  • Good knowledge of: safety requirements associated with mechanical and construction trade jobs
  • Some knowledge of: supervisory practices
  • Experience: interpreting sketches, blueprints, work orders, and building codes.


  • Good knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and general building maintenance
  • Some knowledge of HVAC and mechanical systems maintenance
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Willing to work in a correctional facility


  • Good knowledge of concrete flat work
  • Some experience with welding and fabrication


Plumbing Foreman

SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97 Hourly

Example of Duties: 

  • Perform cost estimate and inspect & repairs piping systems, fixtures, fittings, valves, & related plumbing items to include cla-val, DBL check, and RP devices
  • Evaluate new methods and material for acceptability and adaptability to existing systems
  • Evaluate plans and specifications for compliance with plumbing codes
  • Install and repair water and waste lines
  • Maintains garbage disposals, water heaters, and pumps, mixing values
  • Plumb commercial kitchen facilities and specialized hospital and industrial type plumbing installations
  • Hire, train, and evaluate performance of inmate workers
  • Maintain custody of assigned inmates
  • Write contracted plumbing specifications
  • Issue and evaluate bids from private contractors
  • Recommend and coordinate bid selections and write purchase requests for ordering and maintaining plumbing parts
  • Verify issuance of plumbing permits and request permits for department projects


Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Licensed as a journeyman plumber in accordance with Title 54, Chapter 26, Idaho Code
  • Good knowledge of the tools, equipment, and material used in the plumbing trade
  • Good knowledge of safety practices associated with plumbing National code applicable to plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices
  • Experience using and maintaining tools and equipment associated with the plumbing trade
  • Experience interpreting construction blueprints for plumbing installations
  • Experience developing material and equipment lists and cost estimates for plumbing projects


  • Experience with water treatment
Utility Craftsman

SALARY: $19.24 - $22.29 Hourly 


  • Consult with supervisors in the review of project plans and blueprints
  • Report on the results of on-site inspections of projects to evaluate progress, compliance with plans, qualify of construction
  • Coordinate some aspects of project activities with utility companies, property owners, contractors, regulatory agencies and consulting engineers
  • Coordinate with others in one or more phases of construction project and complete project performance reports 
  • Remodel offices and building walls, install sheetrock and siding, painting and any other construction duty required to complete the project
  • Operate equipment such as frontend loader, backhoe, dump truck, excavator, tractor/trailer transport, forklift, roller compactor, dozer, snowplow, and related heavy construction equipment
  • Design items to be build or fabricated of metal, wood or other construction materials
  • Read plans and blueprints
  • May use arc and acetylene welding equipment
  • Building concrete forms, placing, finishing and repair of concrete
  • Maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes, sinks, lavatories and septic tanks
  • Install and repair irrigation systems, water supply and drain systems and pump stations
  • Maintain and repair electrical wiring, lights, ballast, switches and receptacles
  • Trains, supervises and maintains custody of inmate workers


Considerable knowledge of:

  • Construction and building trades work
  • Construction methods


  • Operating, transporting and maintaining equipment associated with construction and building trades and grounds maintenance
  • Placing and finishing concrete
  • Performing rough and finish carpentry
  • Performing maintenance plumbing and electrical work
  • Reading/interpreting plans, specifications and blueprints
  • Using and maintaining building trades hand and power tools
  • Providing construction and trades direction and training to others
  • Evaluating the construction and trades performance of others; identifying, procuring and organizing materials and equipment necessary for construction projects.

Supplemental Requirements:

  • Willing to work in a correctional institution

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of business, electrical, plumbing, and licensing codes
  • Experience repairing HVAC equipment


Building Facility Foreman

SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97


  • Determines needs and makes arrangements for contracted services and negotiates with subcontractors to determine schedules, needs, and changes
  • Inspects work for compliance with contract
  • Estimates budgets/cost expenditures, and projects future needs
  • Lays out locations for staging and special events and directs set-up and maintenance
  • Evaluates equipment life expectancy and replaces as appropriate
  • Writes maintenance reports; meets with tenants, program directors, maintenance personnel, and others to define needs and to keep facility organized and running smoothly
  • Trains, supervises, and maintains custody of a working crew of inmates
  • Conducts searches for weapons, tools, and contraband
  • Responds to emergency situations as requested by shift commander
  • Examines interior and exterior of buildings for damage, and initiates necessary repair
  • Maintains plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and related systems
  • Performs facility maintenance work including plumbing, painting, electrical, carpentry, inspection of systems for proper operation and preventative maintenance, and related work for proper operation of facility


  • Considerable knowledge of building maintenance
  • Good knowledge of building codes
  • Some knowledge of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) related work
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices
  • Experience: performing skilled repair and maintenance in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, building maintenance, and grounds related work
  • Experience using specialized tools and equipment associated with trades indicated
  • Experience maintaining maintenance records and preparing related reports
  • Experience estimating material needs and costs for jobs
  • Experience reading blueprints and specifications.
  • Willing to work in a correctional facility 


Maintenance and Operations Supervisor

SALARY: $24.33 - $28.19


  • Hires, trains, and evaluates journeyman maintenance personnel in multiple shop trades and related functions
  • Evaluates contractors' work; determines staff needs
  • Prepares cost, time, and manpower estimates and bid contracts and schedules jobs
  • Selects, orders, and receives supplies and materials
  • Directs special event set-up and maintenance
  • Estimates costs for budgeting and monitors expenditures
  • Evaluates equipment and facilities for useful life expectancy and replaces or schedules maintenance
  • Plans and implements changes and procedures for general energy conservation
  • Examines building interior and exterior and determines type and amount of maintenance work needed
  • Performs maintenance work related to trades areas on a back-up basis
  • Uses a variety of tools and equipment associated with building maintenance work
  • Directs safety code compliance, maintenance of records, and employee training regarding safety issues
  • Subject to after hours, weekends, and holiday callouts


  • Good knowledge of building maintenance and operations functions; building energy conservation techniques; building codes and related regulations
  • Some knowledge of EPA and OSHA related safety codes and practices
  • Experience: supervising staff; training employees in maintenance activities
  • Experience performing carpentry, concrete placing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC maintenance work, using tools associated with the trades;
  • Experience scheduling and coordinating simultaneous remodel, maintenance and construction projects, reading and maintaining blueprints and plans; evaluating maintenance needs of buildings and related facilities
  • Valid driver's license
  • Willing to work in a correctional facility 


Supply Operations Supervisor

SALARY - $21.54 - $24.97


  • Hire, train, and supervise staff; evaluates performance; assigns work and establishes priorities
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Monitor work to insure accuracy and completeness and for conformance to internal policies and procedures and purchasing rules and regulations
  • Resolve personnel problems
  • Monitor and maintains section budget; authorizes expenditures
  • Direct and controls shipping and receiving, purchasing, and inventory control
  • Determine specific product or equipment requirements by discussing with user
  • Resolve supply, inventory, and vendor problems
  • Prepare specifications
  • Establish inventory levels
  • May determine pricing structure for resale in stores
  • Develop and implements automated inventory record keeping methods and procedures
  • Insure proper storage and safety procedures are followed in the warehouse and supply yard
  • Supervise the handling, storing, and transporting of hazardous and caustic materials
  • Maintain storage records
  • File freight claims and negotiates with freight companies for claim settlement 
  • Determine if items should be used, sold, or declared surplus
  • May plan, organize and direct public auctions
  • May supervise motor pool, storage, and moving operations
  • May maintain capital and chattel property records and insure proper disposal.


  • Good knowledge of automated inventory control methods and procedures
  • Some knowledge of supervisory practices
  • Some knowledge of handling, storing, and transporting hazardous and caustic materials
  • Experience preparing specifications for bid
  • Experience maintaining inventory levels
  • Experience interpreting and applying purchasing laws and a department's policies and procedures
  • Experience calculating and determining inventory levels
  • Experience designing and implementing storage procedures
  • Experience operating a personal computer.
  • Willing to work in a correctional facility 
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