Steps to Becoming a Correctional Officer

The CO Selection Process

Correctional Officers are the front line staff who work with offenders daily and are in a prime position to carry out the Mission, Vision and Values of Idaho Department of Correction.

Step 1: The Online Application

1. Visit our Current Openings section to apply online.

Step 2: The Background Investigation

1. Download the Background Investigation Questionnaire, print it and complete it. Click here for more detailed instructions about how to complete this form.

2. Submit the background questionnaire, proof of US citizenship, high school diploma/GED/transcripts and DD-214 (if applicable) to our office. Backgrounds are processed in the order they are received so send it in as soon as you have it completed.

3. Wait. The background may take 2-3 weeks to process.

4. You will be contacted by an investigator or a recruiter if we have questions about your background, need additional information from you or if we have an update about the status. Check your email often and keep an ear out for your phone to ring.

Step 3: Interview

If you are selected to move forward in the application process, you will be asked to come to one of our facilities for an interview. At this time, you need to bring your proof of US citizenship, proof of high school graduation and military discharge paperwork (if applicable).

Step 4: Conditional Offer of Employment and POST Certification Paperwork

If you are selected as a top candidate after the interview, you may be given a conditional offer of employment and asked to fill out POST Academy Application Paperwork. The Idaho POST Academy is the agency which oversees the training and certification of law enforcement officers in Idaho.

Step 5: Correctional Officer Training

Idaho Department of Correction employees are provided with the tools needed to succeed as Correctional Officers. We offer 10 weeks of paid training including New Employee Orientation, Job Shadowing, POST Academy and Field Training. Click here for an overview of the training schedule.

Questions about the selection process or the status of your application? Email us at or call 208-658-2020.

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