5 Tips for Success On Your Next Job Interview

The Idaho Department of Correction is a place where people come to work and make a difference in the lives of others. It takes a special person who is committed to protecting the people of Idaho including the public and those within our custody or supervision, creating and maintaining partnerships and providing opportunties for offender change.

When you interview with the Department of Correction for a new position, the following things will help the interview panel understand you.

1. Every day you come to work is a job interview.
Whether your are interviewing for a new or promotional position, each and every day you show up to work with your current employer, you are interviewing for your future career at IDOC. Hiring managers notice when you are working as a leader and an up-and-comer in your current position. When we check references for your future position at IDOC, we'll talk to your supervisors and review your past performance documentation. What you do on a day to day basis in your current role matters. Your relationship with your coworkers and peers matters, especially if you hope to be their boss one day.

2. Dress for the job you want to have. Be confident every day.
When you look good, you feel good. No, it's not a requirement that you show up to the interview dressed to the nines, and no, the panel won't be grading you on your appearance. You put your best self forward when you feel confident. So dress up, eat a good breakfast, Power Pose for 2 minutes before you go in... what ever you have to do bring forward your most confident self.

3. Know your resume inside and out.
You are the expert when it comes your knowledge, skills and experience. The interview panel is interested in learning that from you but you have to tell them! You may not know the interview questions going in, but you do know what your experience has been. Before the interview, prepare yourself by reflecting on what you have done in your current and past positions that matches the role you interviewing for. Think of a few examples from your career where you have taken initiative to solve a problem or taken a leadership role in a project that you can share with the panel if and when they ask. The panel is looking for specific examples in responses to their questions. When they say "tell me about a time..." or "Describe a situation..." they are asking you about how your past behavior will predict your future behavior for a competency they see as important to the role you are interviewing for. Make sure you give them a solid example from your career.

4. Know the role you are applying to play.
Spend some time getting to know the Department and the position you are applying for. You can prepare for this well in advance of your interview by spending time with people who currently hold the position you want to be in on day or people who have been in that position. Current IDOC employees can get to know the Department by spending time with Leaders in the organization and paying close attention to the Mission and direction of the department. Prospective IDOC employees can learn a lot about our agency from our Facebook page. You can also learn a great deal about the job from the responsiblities section of the job announcement.

5. Take charge of your own career development.
The Idaho Department of Correction seeks to promote from within whenever possible. We have an array of career development opportunties and we desire to promote people who are interested in growing roots and building a career with IDOC. That said, if you don't make your desire to promote known to your supervisor, leaders and peers, we may never know you are one of those people! Tell your supervisor about your desire to promote, show them your leadership capabilities in your position everyday and ask them to help you set and acheive goals to work toward promotions. Chances are good they were once in your shoes and they are happy to mentor you and sign you up to go to trainings that will develop you into the leader we need to take our Department to the next level.

After the interview, you can always email hr@idoc.idaho.gov to ask for feedback on your exam and ask the interview panel for feedback on your interview. We are all interested in helping you meet your career objectives.


Contact Human Resources 208-658-2020 or hr@idoc.idaho.gov.

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