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Care and concern for staff is a top priority for IDOC. We want you to be aware and have easy access to resources which are currently available and may benefit you in your work or family life. Below is a brief description of each, but click on the designated icon for more information.

  • Corrections Fatigue - Information on Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment, an innovative program that addresses the unique stressors of working in a correctional environment and how to manage those stressors.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - This program provides free counseling services for you and your family. This online resource also includes wellness, financial and child care information.
  • Spotlight Topic - We highlight a topic we think is important to staff health and wellness depending on the month, season of the year, or what is happening during that time. Topics like 'Dealing with the Holidays' around Thanksgiving and Christmas, or 'Suicide Awareness' in September, or 'Physical Wellness' in the spring when our wellness clinics are up and rolling. Check it out! 
  • Mental Wellness - Information avaliable to help you maintain mental wellness during difficult and/or stressful life events. 
  • Financial Wellness - Tools and resources to guide you to financial success. Check it out! Your wallet will thank you. 
  • Physical Wellness - Programs that can assist you in achieving your physical wellness goals.
  • Benefits and Resources - Even more voluntary benefits and programs to take advantage of!
  • Family Wellness - Perks of working for the Idaho Department of Correction also extend to those closest to you. Take a look at some of the resources available to your family. 
  • Wellness Fair - Information including dates, times, and locations for the next Wellness Fair. 
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Questions? Contact Us! Phone: 208-658-2027Email hr@idoc.idaho.govEAP: 877-427-2327
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