Corrections Fatigue

“From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment” - that is our goal. As the department seeks to expand our wellness program we recognize addressing the unique stressors of working in a correctional environment and daily interactions with offender populations must be a priority. Assisting our staff with managing these stressors at work and the potential impacts at home are vitally important. We have teamed up with Desert Waters Correctional Outreach to provide information, resources, and training on Corrections Fatigue and how to combat it. You can also subscribe to receive monthly issues of the Correctional Oasis, an online publication with articles, stories, events, and more. 


What is Corrections Fatigue?

Corrections Fatigue is the cumulative negative change over time of corrections professionals’ PERSONALITY, HEALTH and FUNCTIONING, and of the CORRECTIONS WORKFORCE CULTURE, as a result of insufficient and/or unhealthy individual and/or organizational coping strategies and/or wellness resources necessary for healthy adaptation to the demands of corrections work. 

The term was originally used in 2000 by Caterina Spinaris, founder of Desert Waters Correctional Outreach and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado. She also created the term for the other side of that coin: Corrections Fulfillment. 


What is Corrections Fulfillment?

Corrections Fulfillment is the cumulative result of corrections professionals’ EFFECTIVE COPING STRATEGIES and WORK ENGAGEMENT, and the POSITIVE QUALITY of the corrections workforce culture. 


Ask Yourself.... 

Do you think Corrections Fatigue is something that is effecting you, your home life, your health, etc? It can be hard to tell. Click HERE for a questionnaire that can help you find out if and in what ways Corrections Fatigue may be impacting you. 



The training has been developed by Desert Waters Correctional Outreach and addresses the impact of Corrections Fatigue and the toll it can take on our staff.  The purpose of the training is to educate correctional professionals on the nature of Corrections Fatigue and provide strategies to cope or avoid it and increase overall staff well-being. The curriculum for this training is also unique in that it has customized versions for various areas of corrections to include new employees just entering corrections, community supervision and adult correctional facilities.


>>Become an Instructor<<

We have once again partnered with Desert Waters Correctional Outreach and have the opportunity for 12 additional staff to become certified to instruct.  We are looking for staff from various areas of the department to become instructors and facilitate these trainings. In order to be considered to instruct you must meet the following criteria:

  • -Be in paygrade K or above, and
  • -Have at least two years of experience working in corrections with daily offender contact

Training is scheduled for April 2nd – April 5th from 8am – 4:30pm in Boise. If you are interested in becoming an instructor please complete the short application at CF2F Instructor Application.  Please submit your application by February 23rd. 

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Taryn Ross at 208-658-2030 or at 

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