Human Resource Assistant Intern

This position is unpaid.

Minimum Qualifications: Some experience with computers (create and maintain Microsoft Office documents, proficeient in using the Internet for research, some experience with databases). Good interpersonal skills, dependable, some knowledge of human resource management (currently enrolled in an academic program related to HR and completion of at least one 300 level HR course).

Felonies, Misdemeanors, probation of any kind in the last 12 months, illegal drug use and/or certain driving convictions may disqualify you from participation in the internship program.

Location: Central Office - Boise

Schedule: Up to 20 hours a week, negotiable

Site Coordinator: Stephanie Stohel (208) 658-2060

Learning Opportunities: Work with the IDOC HR Staff to learn various aspects of HR to include recruitment, training, benefits and the wellness program. Assist HR staff who are responsible for each of the listed areas to learn the processes and approach used by IDOC. Participate in various aspects of implementatio of the wellness program, be involved in discussions regarding FMLA, ADA, etc., learn about New Employee Orientation and POST Academy course requirements.


To Apply for an Internship at IDOC:

Download and print the following forms: Internship Application and Background Investigation Questionnaire.

Submit completed forms to the Site Coordinator via email to or fax to 208-327-7402.

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact our Internship Coordinator at 208-658-2060 or

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