Correctional Officer Duties

What do Correctional Officers do?

Correctional Officers are the the Division of Prison's front-line employees. Working in the institutions, they are involved in the day to day operations of the prison. Searching cells for contraband, monitoring the movement of inmates inside and between facilities, and generally supervising and maintaining security within the facility.

IDOC's Mission, Vision and Values are designed to inspire staff to make a difference in offender's lives. Correctional Officers work with offenders on a daily basis and are in the best position to make that difference.

Watch and see where Correctional Officers work and what they do. Starting pay for a Correctional Officer at IDOC is $15.00 per hour plus benefits.

The Correctional Officer position is the first step to a Career in Corrections which includes promotional opportunities in Prisons and Probation & Parole.


The Correctional Officer position at IDOC is entry-level, meaning you are not required to come into it with any prior experience or education other than a high school diploma or GED. IDOC instructors and their partners in the Criminal Justice field work together to train new Correctional Officers in the specific skills and knowledge they need to be successful on the job.

Correctional Officers attend the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Academy that is specific to the duties and challenges of the profession. Once Correctional Officers complete the academy and prescribed training, they become certified Peace Officers. Correctional Officers also participate in a Field Training Program with experienced officers and keep their skills sharp with regular training throughout their careers. 


Correctional Officers work inside Idaho's correctional institutions tending to the overall safety and security of the facility. Correctional Officers interact with offenders daily and can make the biggest impact on an offender's experience while in the care and custody of Idaho Department of Correction.

Correctional Officers are the difference-makers.

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