Offender Records

Offender Records

The primary tasks of the Offender Records group are managing offender information, calculating offender sentences to determine parole eligibility and final discharge dates, and entering all sentencing information into the Corrections Integrated System.

The Idaho Public Records Act (Chapter 3, Title 9, Idaho Code Sections 9-227 through 9-350), IDAPA 06.01.01, Rules of the Board of Correction, Section 108, Idaho Public Records Act, and the Idaho Public Records Law Manual published by the Office of the Attorney General serve as the written authority for exempt vs. non-exempt records.

All public records requests must be in writing. Please include your name, address, and contact phone number.

Where do you send your written request?

Offenders currently incarcerated: Mail your request to the offender's housing facility, attention public records request.

Offenders currently under probation or parole supervision: Mail your request to the district office where the offender is being supervised, attention public records request.

Offenders who have completed their sentence and are no longer incarcerated or under supervision: Email your request to or Mail your request to IDOC Central Records 1299 N Orchard, Suite 110, Boise, ID 83706, attention public records request.

Ann Greenwalt, Sentencing Supervisor

District 1 & 2 Custody, District 7 Probation: contact 208-658-2054

District 3 & 7 Custody, District 5 Probation: contact 208-658-2198

District 4 Custody, District 6 Probation: contact 208-658-2050

District 5 & 6 Custody, District 1 Probation: contact 208-658-2055

District 2,3,4 Probation: contact 208-658-2061

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