Inmate Classification

Offenders who are on Retained Jurisdiction by the court.

Retained Jurisdiction - Court

Offenders on Retained Jurisdiction from the Parole Commission

Retained Jurisdiction - Parole Comm.

Offendes classified as close custody.

Close Custody

Offenders classified as medium custody.

Medium Custody

Offenders classified as minimum custody.

Minimum Custody

Link to IDOC Classification Policy

Classification Policy

Inmate Classification

Offenders committed to the custody of the Department are sent to a Reception and Diagnostic Unit (RDU) for evaluation and classification.

During the RDU process, the offender will receive a physical examination, a psychological evaluation, an educational assessment, and a substance abuse evaluation.

Most offenders will be assigned a custody level based on the following (civil commitments and offenders under the sentence of death are not classified):

  • Current crime;
  • Criminal history;
  • Escape history;
  • Age;
  • Institutional behavior;
  • Proximity to release;
  • Detainers and warrants;
  • Placement matrix;
  • Risk posed to the public, staff, and other offenders; and
  • Programming needs.

The classification types are listed on the buttons.



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