Access Freedom Debit Cards

Pre-Loaded Debit Cards Issued Upon Release - Access Freedom Cards

As part of the overall solution to make it easier for prison residents and the friends and family who support them, the IDOC is pleased to announce a new program to benefit individuals who are being released from custody.  

Starting July 24, 2016 Access Corrections, through its subcontractor Rapid Financial Services, began offering and supporting these release debit cards. These pre-loaded debit cards, also known as Access Freedom debit cards will replace IDOC-issued checks when individuals are released from custody. They are pre-loaded with the remaining funds from their prison accounts and are activated free of charge. Once issued, release debit cards don't expire and incur no monthly service fee or inactivity fee. 

Access Freedom debit cards allow newly released individuals to have immediate access to the their funds in real time, at ATMs, banks, and through most point of sale (POS) retailers. Access Freedom debit cards have several free use options, including point of sale transactions and cash out options. Other services have minimal fees attached. 

See How To Use Your New Access Freedom Debit Card for more information and see the Access Freedom debit card FAQ

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