The Robert Janss School is a state-accredited Special Purpose school within Idaho prisons. The school offers basic education and general education diplomas.

The curriculum offers training for IDOC residents as a stepping stone for successful transition to community postsecondary programs, job training programs or self sustaining jobs upon their release. The emphasis is on helping residents attain real and rewarding jobs, relevant credentials, and postsecondary education. 

The curriculum is comprised of 4 sections, called Education/Career Bridges. Education/Career Bridges One, Two and Three combine adult literacy, technology and workplace skills based on assessed resident needs. The goal of Education/Career Bridge Four is to link residents on probation and parole to community resources by providing transitional support with tutoring/career advisement and financial education. 

IDOC Education Goals


Across the state on any given day, over 900 offenders are enrolled in classes delivered by the Robert Janss School within IDOC facilities.


“None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps.  We got here because somebody - a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns - bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”  ~Thurgood Marshall


Deliver targeted, data-driven instruction designed to maximize academic achievement and prepare students for post-secondary education and the workplace


Prepare students for successful reentry into the workplace and community through PreRelease preparation, current vocational skills training and post-secondary academic coursework.                                  

Juvenile Education

Maintain high quality educational programs that align with Common Core State Standards for residents below the age of 21 years and promote lifelong learning.

Vocational Educational Opportunities-technical education programs of the Robert Janss School, Idaho Department of Correction, are intended to provide residents with the skills needed to obtain employment.

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