Sex Offender Treatment Services

For Incarcerated Inmates

IDOC provides inmates access to programming for a successful transition into the community. Treatment for male inmates uses risk-based assessments and follows research-based guidelines developed by the University of Cincinnatti Cognitive Behavioral Interventions model that teaches strategies for avoiding sexual reoffending and related behaviors. There is a heavy emphasis on skill building activities to assist with emotional, social, cognitive, and copiing skill development. 

Treatment for female inmates follows a cognitive behavioral treatment meant to educate about sexual offending and the emotional and physical processes tha tlead to abusive behavior. Female inmates are also taught coping responses and skills to positively control their lives by making healthy, informed choices. Sex offender treatment services for female inmates are approximately six months. 

Presently, this programming is provided for make inmates at most of the male inmate facilities. Programming for female inmates is provided at the Pocatello Women's Correctional Center (PWCC).

Sex Offender Management

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