Termination/Removal of Visitation Privileges

Visits may be terminated, restricted or modified as the result of, but not limited to, the following behaviors. Alternatives such as non-contact visiting may be considered prior to termination of visits:

  • Loud or abusive language by the offender or visitor
  • Fighting (verbal or physical)
  • Excessive physical contact or contact not within the guidelines of the visiting regulations
  • Lack of proper control or supervision of children
  • Visiting with other than approved offenders or visitors
  • Failure to follow directives of the visiting room officer
  • Attempts to introduce or introduction of contraband into the visiting room or institution
  • Refusal to be searched
  • Upon the finding of guilt of a drug related Disciplinary Offense Report, no visits will be allowed for a period of six months
  • Suspicion of being under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs
  • Failure to adhere to the current visiting schedule. Visitors are expected to arrive on time. If a visitor is a persistent violator of visiting time regulations, admittance may be denied.  

Visitation Reinstatement

Terminated visiting privileges may only be reinstated by the facility head or designee. These steps normally include:

  • Within 14 days of termination, a written request submitted to the facility head by the visitor requesting reinstatement
  • A meeting with the facility head and visitor to discuss the reason for termination and possible conditions for reinstatement
  • A review by the facility head of the visiting file and other reports associated with the termination of visiting privileges

Reinstatement is on an individual basis and at the unreviewable discretion of the facility head. If visiting privileges are reinstated, the visits may be on a restricted basis, at the discretion of the facility head. 

Terminations Due to Overcrowding

When the visiting room is full and there are visitors waiting to visit, the visiting room officer will ask for voluntary terminations. If no voluntary terminations are received, selection of visits to be terminated early will be based upon the length of the current visit, the distance the visitor traveled, and the frequency of visits.

Removal of Names from Approved Visiting Lists

  • A visitor may request in writing to have their name removed from an offender’s visiting list. In so doing, they may not apply to visit another offender for six months.
  • An offender may remove a visitor from his/her visiting list by completing the Request to Remove Visitor Form, witnessed by an Idaho Department of Correction staff member. The visitor may not reapply to visit another offender for a period of six months.
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