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New Volunteer Requirements

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Volunteer Agreement

Policy regarding volunteer service in IDOC facilities.

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The Department’s volunteer program is a key component in accomplishing our mission to build community partnerships and provide opportunities for offender change. There are a wide variety of opportunities for volunteer service including, but not limited to, teaching a religious or secular class, leading a religious service, facilitating a self-help program, providing tutoring or other education assistance, supplementing vocational training opportunities, or donating much needed items. Our volunteer categories consist of: Level 1 Volunteer, Level 2 Volunteer, Limited Service Volunteer, and Mentor. You may also qualify for clergy status with proof of credentials. 

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If you're interested in helping an offender make the transition back into the community a success, take a look at our Free2Succeed mentor initiative! 

For more information, please naviage through our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the facility Volunteer and Religious Activity Coordinator (VRC) or the Volunteer Program Manager, Jeff Kirkman, at volunteerservices@idoc.idaho.gov.

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