Refresher Training

8 hours of refresher training is required for all volunteers on an annual basis. This is critical so that volunteers do not become complacent when working with prison residents. Whether you are volunteering in a community work center or the maximum security facility, it is imperative for you and for IDOC that you receive this training.

IDOC wants and needs your services as a volunteer but we also want you, staff and the residents to be safe. Therefore refresher training is mandatory for all volunteers at all custody levels.

Progress has been made to offer on-line refresher training for volunteers but there are some technical issues that need to be resolved. Even though refresher training will be available on-line there will a requirement for some classroom instruction on a 2 or 3 year interval. Those details will be decided when the IDOC Volunteer policy is revised to reflect this change.

We welcome any input or suggestions you may have. Simply click on the volunteer coordinator e-mail link to send them.

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