Probation & Parole Overview

Idaho Department of Correction

The mission of the Division of Probation and Parole is to provide for public safety through the supervision of adult felons under either probation or parole jurisdiction. 

The Division of Probation and Parole seeks to involve all facets of the community, which includes, but is not limited to, victims and their families, programs for offenders, their families, involvement in community activities and partnerships with other criminal justice agencies. 

We also provide offenders the opportunity to make positive changes while in the community by providing individual support, programs and assistance.

Accountability and protection are provided by individual case management plans that are created, monitored and supervised through an assigned officer. 


Probation and Parole Programs Mission

The mission of probation and parole programs is to enhance public safety by positively impacting offenders so they will lead pro-social and crime-free lives. The Bureau of Probation and Parole provides programming and is committed to a balanced approach to offender supervision which is accomplished through:

  • Investigation and balanced reporting
  • Assessment of risk and need
  • Case plans that focus on criminogenic needs 
  • Use of a wide variety of resources and treatment services
  • Appropriate sanctioning for non-compliance

Probation and Parole Values

The core values of probation and parole services encompassed by the mission are community protection, accountability, facilitation of rehabilitation and partnerships. These values reflect operational goals: exercising authority with discretion and equality, providing the greatest likelihood of success for offenders, developing positive relationships with other agencies to enhance community safety and consistently evaluating and adjusting program services in order to ensure that the values and mission are reflective of the overall department services. 

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