Presentence Investigator Duties

The Probation & Parole Division is responsible for the completion of a presentence investigative report, prepared by a presentence investigator. A presentence investigative report details both the personal and criminal history information about a defendant who has not yet been sentenced by the District Court for their pending felony crime. The presentence investigation consists of an interview with the defendant regarding a review of their criminal record, a review of the specific facts of the crime, and a social history regarding education, employment, physical/mental health and community support systems. The presentence investigative report includes a victim impact statement and information gathered from collateral contacts. The presentence investigative report is a protected, confidential document disclosable only to the judge, prosecuting attorney, defense counsel and the defendant.

Presentence Investigator Duties

Presentence investigators are considered officers of the court. The presentence investigator interviews the defendant and other individuals as appropriate. The investigator prepares a presentence investigation report that contains important personal and factual information and then makes a recommendation to the court about the options available at sentencing.  Presentence investigators may attend different types of court hearings and may be called as expert witnesses to validate or to further substantiate information contained in their written report. Each presentence investigator across the state completes an average of approximately 10-12 reports per month.

Presentence Investigator Training

Presentence investigators receive training on interviewing, investigation and court report preparation. Presentence investigators typically attend additional training throughout their tenure, to enhance assessment skills, interviewing techniques, writing and other job-related duties.

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