Reentry Services

A case manager fills out a form while interviewing an inmate at ISCI
A case manager assesses an inmate at ISCI.

Offender Reentry

The Idaho Department of Correction starts preparing inmates for their release from prison on their first day in prison.

All inmates begin their period of incarceration at a reception and diagnostic unit. The men’s unit is at Idaho State Correctional Institution south of Boise. The women’s unit is at Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center in Pocatello.

While at the reception and diagnostic unit, correctional specialists use a variety of tools to assess each inmate. Then, a team of professionals uses those assessments to put together a plan, called a treatment pathway.  It’s kind of like a road map. The treatment pathway shows where the inmate will be housed, when they will be housed there and in what programs they will be enrolled during their entire time in prison. The goal of the treatment pathways process is to assure that the right inmate is in the right program at the right time, so more offenders get the opportunities they need to be ready for release when they become eligible for parole.

Since adopting this process in 2009, treatment pathways have helped thousands of inmates turn around their lives, and, as a result, played an important role in reducing IDOC’s prison population. Despite all of the progress, some inmates are still not completing education and treatment programs on time. Improving the process continues to be one of IDOC’s top priorities.



New Offender Orientation 

Within one week of their release, offenders who are on parole are required to attend an orientation meeting conducted by IDOC’s Bureau of Probation and Parole. During the meeting, offenders learn what rules they must follow and what resources are available to them as they build their new lives. They will also be assigned a parole officer who will help connect them with community services and hold them accountable when necessary.

There are a variety of services around the state to help people get on their feet during hard times or periods of transition.  To learn more about those services, call the 2-1-1 Idaho CareLine by simply dialing 2-1-1 on any phone in Idaho.

Core Reentry Programs


The transition from the structured nature of prison life to the relative freedom of living in a community can be difficult. It is a time when many offenders are at a high risk of relapsing. IDOC begins working with inmates six months before their release to help prepare them for the challenges they’ll face. Those challenges include getting a job, adjusting to family life and coping with the kind of everyday problems that all of us encounter.

IDOC also gives inmates a pre-release manual that has instructions on how to do things like get a driver’s license, write a resume and rent an apartment. 


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