5 questions for Mike McCarthy

McCarthy portrait
Mike McCarthy, IDOC maintenance supervisor

After eight years with IDOC, Mike McCarthy is retiring as maintenance operations supervisor. EDOC asked him five questions about his time with the department and what his future might hold.

EDOC: How did you come to join IDOC?

McCarthy: I started working for the Department of corrections at a suggestion from my neighbor Joe Doherty. Joe had been working for IDOC for three years and one day he told me about a vacancy in the Maintenance Department so I interviewed and was hired by Chuck Kincade. 

EDOC: How did the job change you?

McCarthy: In the past I routinely worked with my boss and the public on a daily basis. I would say working out here with Corrections Staff has allowed me to sharpen my communication skills. It is evident to me that “Corrections” is a family not just people showing up for work. I also like the different challenges that occur daily.  

EDOC: How has IDOC changed during your tenure?

McCarthy: I have seen many changes here at the South Boise Complex; from that first day’s oh my God what have I gotten myself into embracing schedule changes on a moment’s notice. One thing you can count on is change and usually for the better. We got unit 24 up and functioning for the influx of out-of-State inmates. This was just a 6 month temporary housing project that lasted 7 years. Maintenance has worked closely with the Idaho State Police at the range where we have made lots of upgrades. Just to name a few.

EDOC: What advice do you have for your colleagues?

McCarthy: I’m not one to give advice however I would tell my fellow Staff to Stay alert, learn from your peers and put that knowledge to work. We all work with an awesome group of people every day; watch each other’s backs and Stay Safe. I know you cannot find better people to work with. 

EDOC: What will you be doing next?

McCarthy: My wife and I will be spending time with our family and since we have purchased an RV we plan on doing some traveling. We also have an OLD Cabin at Cascade which we need to spend time enjoying. I hope that some of you will cross our path and I will be staying in touch with many of my friends here. Happy trails to all of you! 

South Idaho Correctional Institution will be having a Good-Bye Retirement Potluck for Mike on July 15th at 11 a.m. If you do not want to bring anything, cash donations will be accepted to buy fried chicken. Please stop by the SICI visiting room and bring your stories, memories, and good wishes. 

Story published: 07/14/2015

The Idaho Department of Correction thanks these recent retirees for their service to the people of the state of Idaho.

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