Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program Graduates

Photo of IDOC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Graduates
Drax Delfico, Sr. Probation and Parole Officer, District 4 Probation and Parole

From July 23-25, 2019, nine IDOC employees (along with numerous other state and federal law enforcement agencies in Idaho) participated in and graduated from a three-day intensive, stress-inducing training program provided by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center ("FLETC") and hosted via Nampa Police Department. The Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program (BTMITP) is a highly intense training program requiring physical demand on students. Tac Med is "a systematic approach to dealing with casualties in a tactical environment. It is strongly influenced by the model used by the Department of Defense called Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)."

"TCCC incorporates tactical problem solving into any situation in which casualties are incurred from an armed, hostile opponent. The TCCC system focuses on saving 'preventable deaths' while achieving three primary goals:" (1) Treat the Casualty; (2) Prevent Additional Casualties; and (3) Continue the Mission.

These nine IDOC employees are now able to deliver training in the basic principles of TCCC life-saving skills addressed in the Department of Homeland Security Care Under Fire Education Standards.

Included is a photo of the group (sans two) that graduated from the Tac Med training. Meet IDOC's newest Tac Med Operators!

From left to right: CERT Master Operator Rene Garcia of D4 P&P; CERT Operator Drax Delfico of D4 P&P; CERT Operator Terrence Bluford of SICI Projects; CERT Squad Leader and D4 Section Supervisor Seth Radimer; Ren French of D5 P&P; J.T. Ramondetta of D5 P&P; and Stephanie LaDuke-Lakey of D4 P&P. Not pictured are Jeff Rehorn of ISCC and James Hutchins of IDOC Fire Team and ISCC.

Story published: 07/26/2019
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