Benefit Enrollment Instructions

You must enroll online in your benefits before they will start. Complete the online enrollment if you:

  • Are new to state employment AND your position entitles you to benefits (all full time classified position and some part time classified positions)
  • Are eligible for benefits, even if you are declining them.
  • Are transfering to IDOC from another state agency.

Instructions for Completing the Online Enrollment

1. Visit the State Controllers Office (SCO) Website

2. Logon

  • Username: First Name space Last Name
  • Password: Same as I-Time
  • Agency code: 230

3. Select Self-Service. You are now accessing IPOPS.

From the list of Actions, select Medical and Dental Enrollment Application

  • Social security numbers for family members are not required but if you have them, please enter them.
  • Re-enter your marital status and date, if appropriate
  • Use a 4 digit year

4. Completing or Updating your Medical/Dental Enrollment Form

You may add dependants without a qualifying event. If the change is due to a qualifying event.

  • Select the appropriate event
  • Enter the date event occurred (MM/DD/YYYY)

Adding Dependants or Changing your Medical Coverage

  • Click Add/Delete Dependants if covering more than yourself
  • Verify your plan selection (PPO, High Deductable, Traditional)
  • Select your coverage (self, self + spouse, self + child, etc)
  • If appropriate, enter Dependant's information (first name in 1st box, middle name in 2nd box, last name in 3rd box), use a 4 digit year.
  • Make your Dental selection. Note: If you enroll dependants for Medical but decline Dental for dependants, you may not add Dental coverage until a Dental open enrollment, which does not happen every year.
  • If you and/or your dependants are currently covered by another medical plan or have been covered in the last 63 days, you will need that policy information to complete your enrollment update.
  • Click Submit when finished. (Do not click "save" unless you plan to complete the form at a later date.)
  • Another form pop-up appears for participation in the premium only plan. The purpose of this form is to confirm your selection of Pre-tax or Post-tax premiums. Read the text and click "I accept" for pre-tax. Your electronic signature will be placed at the bottom of the form and can be viewed when you print the document. Note: If you do not click "I Accept", your form will not be submitted.
  • To Print a copy, click on Views then My Self-Service, then Medical/Dental and click "print"
  • Log Off IPOPS when you are finished so your access and privacy are protected

If you have questions or need assistance including a password reset, contact Human Resources at 208-658-2029. You may also email

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