Boise Bicycle Project extends to ISCC

Inmates work on bike
By Kristina Waldram, Management Assistant, Idaho State Correctional Center

The American Legion Post 201, the first official American Legion Post inside a facility, will start working hard on fixing bikes for the community.   March 1, 2019 marked the first day of the Boise Bike Project at ISCC.  The Boise Bike Project came to ISCC at 9 am to start training 3 inmates on how to fix size 20 inch bikes.  The session started with Jimmy Hallyburton talking about the Bike Project and what the organization does for the community.  The President of the American Legion Post 201 shared their commitment to the community and ISCC by expressing what volunteer work they do inside the facility, and for the community.  I could see the excited in all parties eyes as they discussed their community work with each other.   

The first training consisted of the wheels/tires.  The 3 inmate trainers from the American Legion Post were taught by Jimmy on how to take off the tires, tighten the spokes, lube the ball bearings located inside the wheels, and how to identify if a tire was flat.  All 3 inmates worked on their own bikes and asked questioned when needed.  Jimmy also went over all the tools needed to fix bikes and what each tool was for.   

The American Legion Post 201 is excited to see how many bikes they can contribute to the cause.  With 10 inmates total, their goal is to be able to fix over 50 bikes a week, once all 10 get trained.  This contribution will be a lot of help to the Boise Bike Project and they will be able to give away more bikes for their Christmas Bike Giveaway in December. 

Story published: 03/06/2019
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