Congratulations to Jose "Oscar" Arguello for being selected as Section Supervisor, District 3 Probation & Parole

Oscar Arguello, District 3's newest Section Supervisor
Cory Barrier, Probation & Parole Deputy District Manager, District 3

Oscar was selected from a competitive group of impressive candidates. He has been with IDOC for the past 13 years, serving all of those years in District 3 as a Probation & Parole Officer and more recently as a Lead PO. Oscar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to D3 and the department, serving as an AT instructor, Peer Training Officer and CERT member. Prior to coming to IDOC, Oscar spent four years working for the Idaho Migrant Council, where he was a case manager dealing primarily with substance abuse and domestic violence issues.

Oscar was born in San Luis Potosi Mexico and lived there until the age of seven. He and his wife, Mari, have four boys: Adrian 17, Damien 15, Fabian 11 and Sebastian 5. The Arguello family has soccer at its roots. Much of their free time is spent attending soccer games/practices or traveling to and from soccer tournaments all over the country. They are a talented bunch of athletes for sure! One place you will likely not find Oscar is a campground; it's just not his thing. He prefers spending time with his family in close proximity to civilization, a soccer field or a climate controlled environment such as his home.

Oscar is a down to earth and humble individual who cares deeply for developing staff and helping those we supervise implement long term change in their lives. He has many interesting stories and experiences to share from his time with the department. We are looking forward to more great things to come from Oscar.

Please send Oscar a whole bunch of congratulatory email!

Story published: 12/05/2018
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