D1 PPO adopts highways to honor fallen officers

adopt a highway sign for Sgt. Greg Moore

District 1 Sr. PPO Jeffrey Schraeder is leading an effort to honor fallen law enforcement officers by adopting stretches of a highway in their name.

We asked him to tell us more about the initiative.

EDOC: What prompted you to get involved in the program? 

Schraeder: I coach football at Coeur d’Alene High School. Head Football Coach Sean Amos wanted to get the players involved in a community project. I suggested Adopt-a-Highway program.

I contacted Andrea Littlefield with the Idaho Dept. of Transportation and she explained the program. We worked together to secure a location in the City of Coeur d’Alene. I asked her if a stretch of highway next to CDA football was available to honor Sgt. Greg Moore.

She discovered that Hippo Car Wash had a 2.5 mile stretch of US Highway 95. I contacted Hippo Car Wash and they agreed to give us 2-miles of their 2.5 miles in exchange CDA football would maintain the full 2.5 miles of highway.

I was speaking to Kootenai County Sheriff Captain Lee Richardson about the Adopt-a-Highway program and he suggested honoring ISP Trooper Linda Huff as well. I re-contacted Andrea Littlefield and she was able to secure a stretch of highway near Silverwood Theme Park where Linda Huff patrolled.

EDOC: What distance? 

Schraeder: Typically we’re responsible for a one mile stretch per sign. We agreed to care for Hippo Car Washes half mile so, 3.5 miles. 

EDOC: How often do you go out to maintain the highway

Schraeder: The Coeur d’Alene High School football team will be responsible for the bi-annual maintenance of the three US Highway 95 sign locations. Projected times are spring and late summer. We’ll have our first official clean-up in the spring 2016, followed by our second clean-up day in the late summer 2016. 

EDOC: What’s next?

Schraeder: We want to continue to honor our law enforcement brothers and sisters who are gone but not forgotten. This is an opportunity for law enforcement personnel from city, county, and state, agencies and the citizens of the City of Coeur d’Alene and the County of Kootenai to come together in a positive and productive manner to honor our fallen heroes and keep our State of Idaho beautiful for years to come.

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Story published: 08/10/2015
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