D-6 staff help paint senior citizens’ homes

3 D6 staff members stand with homeowner
By Tony Campa, Manager, Probation and Parole District 6

District 6 Staff joined in this year’s Portneuf Valley Paintfest painting the homes of seniors who are in need. 

Recipients who cannot afford or are physically unable to have the exterior of their homes painted are selected at no cost. 

D-6 Thank you so much for your great volunteer spirit, the kindness you show to people in need, and your energetic leadership style. 

D-6 teamed up with Convergys and we had great teamwork in painting the house from start to finish. 

The owner of the house (Linda) was able to have her badly needed home a facelift. 

Linda wanted me to convey: “The crew at P&P you were absolutely wonderful & I cannot thank you enough! You are all special to me. Love you all Linda”

The Team Captains were Jed Dayley and Stacie Clark- 

I Thank you for having such a big heart and choosing to help those in need! I know it’s not always an easy to add more to what you already do, but it’s so incredibly fulfilling!

Story published: 07/06/2018
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