D-7 honors Staggie, Widerburg for going “Above and Beyond” with their recovery

Woman with son and D7 manager
Widerburg with son and D7 Manager Russ Wheatley
By Stephanie Taylor-Silva, AmeriCorps/Vista member, Probation and Parole District 7

District 7 Probation and Parole has started to implement Above and Beyond Awards. 

These awards are for those who have gone above and beyond the bare requirements on their supervision.

Whitney Widerburg and Hailey Staggie have been nominated for the award. 

Both of these women have worked very hard. I am very proud of them and so is our district.

Here is what was read by District 7 Manger Russ Wheatley:

Hailey Staggie has done phenomenal in her recovery and supervision. She diligently takes care of her supervision responsibilities on top of being a mother to her son and working full time. A couple months ago, Hailey was intrigued on how she could share recovery!!! She decided the mentor program was a perfect fit for her. Hailey is an incredible mentor. She has gone above and beyond to be supportive not only to her mentees but also our District 7 Probation and Parole officers. Hailey prevails regardless of her circumstances. What really inspires me about Hailey is that she refuses to allow family dysfunction and addiction to control her life. Hailey intends to enter college to become a drug and alcohol counselor. She will be a fantastic one!!! Hailey is such a beautiful person. Someone with a heart of gold!!!” 

"Whitney Widerburg (pictured) has also done amazing in her recovery and supervision. I believe that something finally settled in on her last rider. Whitney decided to come out of prison stronger than ever. Whitney started working immediately upon her release. She successfully completed aftercare and continues therapy on her own accord. Whitney has recently moved into her own apartment and just bought a new car. She is budgeting regularly and still utilizing skills she learned in prison and at the Haven. Whitney is a better mother now than ever before. Her family is very proud of her and supportive. Whitney continues to reach out for support and stays in regular contact with me as her mentor.”  

Story published: 09/28/2018
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