Director Kempf rides with street crimes unit

Six POs and police officers stand for photo
Photo courtesy IDOC Director Kevin Kempf

Idaho Department of Correction Director Kevin Kempf spent last night (Thursday) with the Caldwell Street Crimes Unit and sent us this photo.

The unit is a partnership between the Caldwell Police Department and IDOC’s District 3 Probation and Parole office through a program called SCOAP – the Safe Community Offender Accountability Program.  

SCOAP teams up probation and parole officers with police officers to focus on high-risk offenders and people not following the rules of supervision, and to serve arrest warrants.  

Kempf says focusing resources on higher-risk offenders while doing less with lower-risk offenders is a great example of a correctional best practice.   

“This partnership along with great leadership in D-3 and Caldwell City have made a significant impact on gang-related issues and the overall crime rate in the city,” Kevin says. “Partnerships work and I want to see more of these types of partnerships in each of our districts.”  

The D-3 probation and parole officers who are assigned to the Caldwell Street Crimes Unit are Ben HeinrichMatt Thomas and Klayton Duin

Duin is seen here second from the left. Heinrich is fourth from the left. PO Oscar Arguello is fifth from the left. Thomas is not pictured.

Story published: 06/19/2015
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