District 3 Free2Succeed Mentor Enhancement Training

eight people around table
Laurie Macrae, District 3 Free2Succeed Mentor Site Coordinator

District 3 Free2Succeed Mentors attended a "Mentor Enhancement Training" session with IDOC DARS Stacy Lopez. The topic of discussion was "Red Flags for Relapse".

Enhancement trainings are organized by Free2Succeed Mentor Site Coordinators as an opportunity for mentors to learn, network, and share mentoring experiences with the goal of increasing their effectiveness as mentors. Some Enhancement Trainings include both mentors and their mentees. Attending Mentor Enhancement Training is voluntary, in addition to the mandatory annual "Initial Training and Orientation."

Some of the ways Free2Succeed Mentors support the IDOC Mission are by becoming a part of the offender's support system, serving as pro-social role models, offering opportunities for offenders to change, and building positive relationships where none may otherwise exist.

Thank you to all the IDOC staff who are increasingly seeing the potential of mentors who selflessly give of their time and experience to support our returning citizens and the IDOC Mission!

Story published: 10/16/2019
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