District 4 Shop With A Sheriff Event

Several officers pose with Santa Claus
Officers pose with Santa Claus, at the 2019 Ada County Shop With A Sheriff event.
By Moira Lynch, District Manager, District 4 Probation and Parole

On Saturday, December 21, 2019, the District 4 Probation and Parole Office was once again able to partner with other agencies in the Ada County "Shop with a Sheriff" event.

I am so proud of our Officers who made time to take approximately 100 kids shopping, with the ability to spend $200.00. From what I hear, it brought great joy to both our Officers and the kids – who repeated the tradition of having lunch together while the kids spent the money they received on themselves and their families.

We have participated in this event for several years now – and we will hopefully be able to for years to come. Does anything warm your heart more than a cared for and smiling child? ...possibly, but I would say it is in my top 5. Merry Christmas to all!!

Story published: 12/27/2019
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