East Boise resident awarded Certificate of Awesomeness

cheatwood holding certificate
By Sgt. Amy Welsh, EBCRC

On July 15th, 2017, Cheyenne Cheatwood, a resident at the East Boise Community Reentry Center, assisted a co-worker who had severely cut his leg while they were at work.  

Ms. Cheatwood acted quickly and calmly, placing a tourniquet on her co-worker’s leg to stop the bleeding.  She also applied pressure until the ambulance arrived.  

The EMTs were very impressed with what Ms. Cheatwood had done and informed her that her actions were appreciated due to the nature of her co-worker’s injury and the amount of blood loss.  

On July 26th, Ms. Cheatwood was given a Certificate of Awesomeness for her ability to take action and help someone in need.

Way to go Cheyenne! All of the Staff and residents are super proud of you!

Story published: 08/09/2017
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