Errors in May COS Statements

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If you are on felony probation or parole supervision, there may be errors on your most recent statement for Cost of Supervision (COS).  

Please note that all accounts were actually billed the correct amount for monthly COS, and if you made a payment last month, it did post to your account.  You will not receive a corrected statement for May, but your June statement will show accurate billing amounts and balances.  If you need to verify your COS balance or other account information now, please contact your probation/parole officer. 

You can make your monthly COS payment as you normally would.  However, if you are mailing a money order, please double check the payment coupon at the bottom of your statement before mailing it to make sure it shows your correct name, account number, and address.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this issue.

Story published: 05/14/2019
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