FAQs about the ICC transition

Warden Blades talks with an inmate at ICC
Warden Randy Blades talks with an inmate at ICC.

Q: What has IDOC been doing to prepare for the transition?

A: There’s more to assuming operation of a 2060-bed prison than you probably think. There are countless moving parts. Everything from little things like changing the name on the power bill to making sure we have the right people in the right jobs. Our goal is a seamless transition.

Q: What is IDOC doing to prepare ICC inmates for the transition?

A: For a couple of months now Randy Blades, who will serve as warden of ICC when IDOC assumes operation of the facility, has been meeting with inmates both in groups and one-on-one. He’s spent countless hours walking around ICC at all hours of the day, night talking with staff and inmates, and he’s held more than 50 town-hall-style meetings with inmates in their living units. Warden Blades is our most experienced warden, and he believes open communication with staff and inmates is vital to the safe and orderly operation of a correctional institution.

Q: What is IDOC doing to assure ICC is secure during the transition?

A: We know that when it comes to running a prison any memo that starts with the words, “Effective immediately” spells trouble. Our goal is a seamless transition, so don’t expect to see any big changes in the facility’s operation any time soon. Our focus is on stability and assuring the safe and orderly operation of the facility.

Q: What changes will inmates notice after the transition?

A: The uniforms the correctional officers wear will be different, but beyond that inmates will notice few changes. The department has asked many CCA staff members to continue working at the facility, so many of the faces will stay the same. The facility’s food service and recreation schedules also won’t be changing any time soon.

Q: What is IDOC’s top priority during the transition?

A: We can’t let this transition distract us from our overall mission. We have eight other correctional facilities we operate in Idaho along with four community work centers and seven probation and parole districts. There’s more to this transition than ICC. We need to make sure our correctional professionals in every corner of the state stay on top of their game.

Q: Is IDOC on track for the transition financially and logistically?

A: Yes, we’re on budget and on schedule.

Story published: 06/26/2014
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