Free2Succeed mentor creates “closet” for probationers, parolees

room with clothing on racks
By Jeff Kirkman, Manager, Free2Succeed Mentor Program

This story is about Bambi Calloway who is a Free2Succeed mentor. 

Recognizing the need for clothing beyond the initial release and when clothing vouchers run out, she worked with PEER Wellness in Boise to establish a clothing closet to help fill the gap. 

In a very short amount of time, this has already been a success and continues to grow. 

Bambi, who is a mentor with the Free2succeed program, worked tirelessly to obtain a space to have a clothing resource for our mentees. 

She successfully acquired that space at Peer Wellness! 

Bambi has given this project the name "Darcie’s Closet", in memory of a woman whose life was cut short, but her legacy still lives on to this day. 

Darcie still has items she hand-crafted that sell in boutiques in Idaho. In her memory, we hope to help as many people that we can with this closet. 

As we have seen, and most of us know, having clothing upon release is a vital, immediate need. 

That need doesn’t stop just at the release date, it extends into important moments in a mentees life, such as interviews, a day with their families, a court date. 

This closet will not only provide clothes for these important moments but will help build confidence and pride in each person who visits. 

The space will be dedicated solely to those on probation and parole and it serves as a resource that we know they will have access to. 

Items to consider donating include; men and women’s clothing, shoes, socks, make up, toiletries, jewelry, purses, blankets, curling irons, and even hair ties. 

Story published: 10/23/2019
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